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Independence Brothers'

"The Perfect Fit" Guarantee

We get it: measuring yourself at home can be a daunting task. While we've made jackets for hundreds of satisfied customers we understand that you want a guarantee. A guarantee that you won't spend your hard earned cash and be stuck with something that doesn't fit!

Well we're finally introducing that guarantee. We call it, "The Perfect Fit", and here is what it entails:

Every customer gets an alteration done for a fraction of the cost, only $200.

That's right, for just over the cost it takes for us to ship back to our workshop, and ship it back, you'll get a brand new jacket. Once it arrives we'll do all the hard work - sometimes even remaking the entire jacket for you and ship it back to you for free. We'll eat the leather costs, the material costs, the labor and hours it takes to sew. For domestic customers, we'll even ship it back to them for free. International customers we ask for an additional $45.

Note: We do not offer 2nd or 3rd alterations (even for a fee!). This is to disincentive customers from wasting our time or resources being unsure about what they want. Once you receive your jacket you should be fully capable of measuring and understanding how many inches you want added or subtracted.

Note: Since shipping is international, it can take significant time. Please be patient, we have no way to check on your shipping status or to expedite alterations, please contact your shipper for updates.

Note: This policy was enacted 2/15/2023. All customers from this date forward qualify.