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How To Wear Colored Leather Jackets

November 13, 2018

How To Wear Colored Leather Jackets


Wearing a colored leather jacket is a fun and stylish way to make a statement. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to pull this look off.

Do you find yourself drawn to colored leather jackets but feel that they might not look as good on you as they do on everyone else? Have you seen people on the street or on the train with these jackets who look great but forget to ask where the jacket was purchased? Do you have a colored leather jacket but don’t really know how to wear it?

Luckily, I’ve put together this guide on how to wear these jackets, so you can feel comfortable and stylish every time you try your jacket on. It’s easy to wear these jackets once you know the right formula for wearing them for every occasion.


What you will need to wear colored leather jackets

  1.     Magazines, Pinterest boards or style icons
  2.     A list of stores that sell leather jackets
  3.     An idea of what type of style interests you
  4.     A list of colors that work with your natural coloring
  5.     A camera or smartphone with camera
  6.     Friends to help you decide which jackets look best
  7.     An ensemble that goes with colored leather jackets
  8.     Accessories for your jacket
  9.     Mix-and-match attire

Step 1: Begin researching your style

Finding the right colored leather jacket style isn’t easy. You’ll need to first do some research before you start your search for the perfect one. The easiest way to begin your search is by looking online and in real life. You’ve probably seen plenty of people on the street wearing these jackets and never inquired as to where they purchased them. Start asking everyone you spot with a leather jacket where the jacket was purchased.

If you really love a jacket, don’t be shy! Ask the person where he bought the jacket. You’ll also want to start researching your potential jacket online too. Do a Google search for colored leather jackets to start your inspiration search. Check out leather jackets on Pinterest and in magazines to see how celebrities rock them. Make notes of everything that you like and why you like it. At Independence Brothers we offer a nice range of colors for your classic leather jacket.

Step 2: Choose a style inspiration

You don’t need to recreate the wheel to decide on a leather jacket style! You can simply copy the style of a celebrity. Once you begin looking online, start making notes on the celebrity styles that you’re attracted to. Notice how celebrities wear colored leather jackets.
You might be surprised at what you find! You might even notice that you’re drawn to a style you never thought you might have enjoyed before.

Step 3: Think about the color you’d like

The hardest part about wearing a colored jacket is choosing the color! Start brainstorming the colors you might like to wear. You’ll want to think about your favorite colors and also the colors that look good on you. You may want to have a professional do a full color analysis on you before making your decision. Or, ask some of your friends what colors they think look good on you. You may love one color (but that doesn’t mean it looks great on you).

I used to love wearing orange. Yet I have dark red undertones in my skin and discovered that orange doesn’t complement my skin tone. Buying an orange jacket wouldn’t have done me any favors and wouldn’t have looked good on me. I ended up buying a lavender jacket that really makes my green eyes pop!

Step 4: Begin researching stores

If you simply set out one day to start trying on jackets, you might feel overwhelmed with all of the options. It’s easier to start making lists of where you’re likely to find jackets you love before you set out on your shopping spree.

You can do a quick Google search to find stores that sell jackets that fall in line with your style inspiration. Luckily, most stores advertise their products online, so you simply need to look at their online store to begin your product research.

Step 5: Visit each store to try on jackets

You’re going to want to try on as many jackets as possible before making a decision. You’d hate to have buyer’s remorse because you bought a jacket prematurely before checking out all of your options. You’re going to want to try on all of the jackets on your list and then some more. Ask the sales associates if they know of any stores that sell colored leather jackets.

When you’re trying on the jackets, try to get a good look at the color quality of each jacket. One of the downsides of a colored leather jacket is that the jacket can lose its color if the jacket hasn’t been dyed correctly. Make sure that the color isn’t rubbing off the jacket and that the supplier has used all-natural dyes to create the color. Jackets can lose their color or fade in the sun if not dyed properly.

Take as many photos as possible when you’re trying on your jackets. Ask the sales associates to take your photo as you try each one on. You’ll need these photos in the next step when you converse about your potential new jacket with friends and family members.

Step 6: Converse with friends

Show your friends and family members your photos and ask them what they think. They can make a more accurate decision of which jackets look best on you. Specifically ask them about the colors. Ask them what they did like and what they didn’t like. It’s important that your friends are as specific as possible with these answers. If you don’t know why they don’t like a jacket, you might end up buying a different jacket with the same problems as the jacket they didn’t like. Try to get your friends to agree on one jacket that they like the best.

Step 7: Choose an ensemble for your jacket

Once you’ve purchased your perfect jacket, it’s time to choose an ensemble to wear with it. Go back to your style inspirations for more ideas on how to wear your jacket. Does your celebrity inspiration dress the jacket up or down? Does he wear it with jeans or with dress pants? Is the jacket worn with similar colors or is it worn with contrasting colors? What types of accessories does the person wear with the jacket? What do you like about the way the celebrity wears the jacket?

Now, go to your own closet to begin looking for pieces that are similar to the ones the celebrities wear with their jackets. You can go shopping for more clothes for your ensemble, but you might find that you have plenty to wear in your own closet.

Step 8: Find some accessories

Leather jackets were made for fun accessories! You can turn to your style inspiration for ideas on what types of accessories to wear with your new jacket. Try to look for scarves, necklaces and vests. You may even be able to pull off wearing a sweater underneath your jacket. Try to get as creative as possible. You can always as your friends and family later what they think.
Step 9: Take your jacket from day to night

Leather jackets are fun because they are so versatile. They can go from day to night very easily. If you want to take your jacket from day to night (or night to day), try some of these tips:

  • Dress your jacket up with a pair of dress pants
  • Dress your jacket down with a pair of jeans
  • Dress your jacket up with a cashmere scarf
  • Dress your jacket down with a knit scarf
  • Add some tassels to your jacket to add some western flare
  • Wear your jacket in place of a suit jacket to a fancy event

Step 10: Begin considering another jacket

Once you’ve mastered the joy of one colored leather jacket, it’s time to buy another. You’re going to get very addicted to wearing colored leather jackets once you get the hang of wearing them. Try repeating some of these steps above for more ideas on leather jackets. Or, try buying the second jacket on your own. You’re more comfortable with your leather jacket than you might let on. Keep your eyes open for new style ideas and celebrity style inspirations. You might just even inspire someone else to want to buy a colored leather jacket.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? This topic is so important to me because I too had a difficult time wearing colored leather jackets. I used to feel uncomfortable and silly when I put one on. Luckily, I figured out the formula, so you can discover how easy it is to wear them too. I hope you now feel comfortable buying and wearing your jacket. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please feel free to share it with others who need a little extra help!

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