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How to Order a Custom Leather Jacket

November 13, 2018

How to Order a Custom Leather Jacket

Did know that leather jackets are among the most worn fashionable clothes ever? That's right. For over a century, leather jackets have increased in popularity, and everyone can afford them now. They come in different types, sizes, and colors.

This has motivated people to want unique jackets made specifically for them. The inspiration for men wanting a custom leather jacket springs from the undisputed reality of how it makes one look classy, trendy and on the rare occasion, even funky!

However, knowing how to order a custom leather jacket and wanting to have one are two very different things. The former being the hardest. Luckily, the following considerations should help you.

How to buy a custom leather jacket


Do you want to have that classic Hugh Jackman look like in X-Men or the rockstar Michael Jackson style? Or rather, do you have your own style in mind? Read on to learn the things you should do.

Decide on the skin you want

Kangaroos, cows, goats, deer, ostriches, alligators...there are plenty of differnt skins you can choose from. The most durable and affordable are cowhide. But if you are prepared to go an extra mile and dig in your pocket for the ultimate in durability, there is always horsehide. Determining which hide you want for a leather jacket influences its price, texture, and weight.

Extra soft leather used in the fashion world comes from lambskin. It is comfortable but tends to tear more readily which is why it isn't used for motorcycle jackets. Goatskin, on the other hand, is flexible and durable and is even still used by the Air Force and the Navy for their flight jackets.

How do you want to wear it?

Do you want a formal look, a casual look or a combination of the two? The idea of your leather jacket should be decided beforehand for a designer to know whether he or she will give you a rocker look, a professional style or the downtown look. If you are looking for a jacket that you can comfortably wear to your workplace, you had better steer off from the rock star look.

What about leather jacket colors?

Personally, I'm a fan of black leather jackets, and it is one of the things I highly consider before ordering one. The same goes for you. Know your color before you order a custom-made leather jacket.

Did you know that rare colors like white or red are more expensive? Obviously, this would take a longer time to make as they often have to look for that exact shade you want. There are other colors though, black, brown, tan, light brown, etc. Choose a color that goes with what you'd feel most comfortable with and make sure that it would match your outfits.

Black is super versatile and can go with many clothes combinations like white T-shirts and blue jeans. You can also try a mix of black and white in your jacket. Brown jackets give you a trendy rugged hipster look, and it looks great with man buns and thick beards!

How does it fit?

Normally, one would just walk to a store and try out several leather jackets until he finds one that fits them perfectly. For a custom made leather jacket, considering everything is done as per your instructions, knowing your size is the priority. A detailed measurement of your chest and the waist while you're wearing a shirt is very important, remembering that you have to wear something else before you wear the jacket.

You wouldn't want to look like a clown because of large armholes in your coat that gives it an oversized look, or because of having one that the shoulders do not embrace your shape. Imagine going to your workplace with a knee length leather jacket early in the morning! I know, I know, Keanu Reeves looks great in that black leather trenchcoat in The Matrix but those rarely can be passed off by mere mortals.

What type do you want?

Leather jackets come in several design types, and it will do you good to consider the type of jacket you want. There are several types one being the flight jacket that gives you a military edge with flap pockets, turndown collars with cinching waist belts. You could also go with a bomber, which has a front zip and tight cuffs and a turndown collar lined with fur for warmth. Other quintessential styles include the double rider and the moto.

Decide on the grade of leather

After deciding on the skin type, take a second and do a little scrutiny on the grade of leather that you want. This determines the texture, weight and the lifespan of your jacket. For example, a full grain leather, which is made from the outer plus the inner skin of an animal is a bit rough with animal blemishes but incredibly lasts long.

If you go with genuine leather, you should know that it has a limited life for it is made from the inner hide and is often treated with chemicals to makes it extra smooth. Other options include top grain leather, which has been made by peeling off the full grain part and smooth ending it by sanding. It, however, doesn't last long as a full grain leather. Then there is the bonded leather, which is made from bits of leather glued together. It is low quality and doesn't last very long.

Finally, finding a quality supplier of custom leather jacket

This is the last consideration to make before ordering your custom leather jackets. Being aware of the construction you want, as well as its tailoring goes a long way in preparing you to make the right decision with your leather jacket. Bespoke leather jackets are the most expensive and take time. They are completely customized and are built from scratch.

Another option you could go with is the pre-made pattern and standard sizing you find in most stores. Alternatively, there are ready to wear leather jackets, which can be adjusted to your measurements in a store that you purchase it from.

Where you will get these custom leather jackets is another matter. Whether it is a bespoke tailor, a departmental store, stores meant specifically for leather coats and leather products, or even if it is from other boutiques or online shops, you have to be well aware of your store.

It will help you know specifically how long, how much or what type and quality of a leather jacket you will get. Ask around, look for online reviews or visit them if they have a retail location to check out the quality of their garments.

Caring for your leather jacket

After you've successfully bought your leather jacket, you have to know how to ensure it serves its purpose for as long as possible. Here's a summary how:

  • The first thing is to check the label for instructions on how to maintain it
  • Wiping with a soft, clean cloth with a very mild leather soap and water is the simplest way to clean your jacket
  • Oil your leather jacket several times over it's lifetime to keep it from cracking. Olive oil suffices. You can also use vinegar in a pinch to clean a difficult stain
  • Heat will damage your coat. Ensure you dry it under optimum temperatures

For a detailed way of cleaning and maintaining your leather jacket, check out how to care for a leather jacket.


Buying a custom leather jacket is not an easy thing to do, and it requires patience and many considerations like your size, the type of the leather jacket, the color, grade and type of skin you want, as well as the source and the store you ought to get it from. Whether you want to look like Hugh Jackman or Michael Jackson, the pleasure of owning a unique garment and knowing just what you want is enough to give you a lasting look that will impress others and yourself.

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