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Cheap Leather Jackets, 6 Reasons Why They Simply Suck

November 13, 2018

Cheap Leather Jackets, 6 Reasons Why They Simply Suck

How to choose leather jackets

Some of the tips of purchasing a leather jacket are:

  • Determine the kind of leather you want: The leather used to make jackets can be differentiated based on the material's thickness or thinness, texture, and tenderness. The type of leather from which your coat is made will determine how it will fit, and its versatility. Most people prefer leather jackets made from soft leather since they fit better compared to hard leather.
  • Consider the jacket's style: Leather jackets are available in different designs although biker jackets are the most common. Other types of leather jackets are flying jacket, bomber jacket, and fatigue jackets. Getting the right jacket design is vital in ensuring that it will fit you well. Most fashion conscious people prefer leather jackets that have a dull lining.
  • The jacket color: Nowadays, leather jackets come in different colors, and this makes them more diverse compared to their predecessors that featured limited colors. When purchasing a leather jacket, choose a dull color, preferably black or brown. This is because such a color will give you the ultimate look. For instance, black or brown leather jackets can be paired with a majority of your clothes unlike other bright colors.
  • Jacket measurement: If you are interested in leather jackets, always remember that the essential tip to wearing a leather jacket smartly is by ensuring that the size fits well. Do not be tempted to go for a baggy leather jacket because it will be a challenge to wear it. Before you purchase a leather jacket, ensure that the measurements of your shoulders and the length are appropriate.

What are the benefits of leather jackets?

Some of the reasons why many people prefer leather jackets are:

  • They are available in different varieties: The advancement in technology has ensured that leather items are available in various designs and types. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you will never get it wrong with leather jackets since they are easy to blend with other outfits. Different types of leather jackets are designed for separate occasions, both casual and official wear.
  • Trendy for all ages: Leather jackets have never run out of fashion because they are always stylish. If you purchase a leather jacket, you will not be worried that the item will get out of style soon, and this makes it attractive for many people.
  • Leather jackets are appealing to both men and women: Leather jackets are a fashion trend for both women and men. There are different designs of leather jackets that are designed for men and women while other leather jackets have been created unisex.
  • Maintaining a leather jacket is easy: All you need to keep your leather jacket is a leather conditioning spray that will help moisturize your jacket to protect it from becoming dry. Cleaning your leather jacket is simple since you will only need a damp cloth that you can use to wipe out debris and dust that accumulates on it.
  • Durable: Although acquiring a good leather jacket will require you to invest cash significantly, you will enjoy a great value for your money since it does not wear or tear easily. If you maintain your leather jacket well, it will serve you for many years to come. Although some leather jackets are soft, their durability is often guaranteed.

Attributes that differentiate leather jackets

There are three main types of leather that are used to manufacture leather items. Some of the attributes used to distinguish the type of leather used in making jackets include:

Genuine leather

If you come across a leather jacket that is labeled 'made of genuine leather', it means that it is made from the lowest quality of leather. If you buy a jacket made from 'genuine leather' it is not likely to last for long. It will also not look as nice as high-quality leather does. Leather jackets of this kind are usually of lower price tags compared to other types of leather.

•   Jackets made from this type of leather are affordable.
•   They are readily available in most cloth stores

•   It is not durable

Top-grain leather

This is the type of leather that you will find in 'fine' leather jackets. It is of a higher quality compared to 'genuine leather'. Most designer brands use this type of leather in manufacturing clothing accessories. Jackets made from this type of leather can be durable although with time its quality degenerates. The cost of jackets made from top-grain leather is significantly higher compared to those made from 'genuine leather'.

•   Jackets made from top-grain leather are relatively durable
•   You can expect the jackets to give you a smart look and value for your money.
•   Its durability is limited since it wears off with time

Full-grain leather

This is the best quality of leather in the market. It has the toughness and imperfections of real leather, and it is often used to make heavy-duty leather items. Leather jackets made of full-grain leather do not degrade. As you use them, they become more beautiful. Full-grain leather will cost you a fortune although you will get value for your money as time goes by.

•   It is highly durable
•   You get value for your money
•   It is relatively expensive to purchase such a jacket.

What is the best way to wear a leather jacket?

Here are the simple tips that can ensure that you wear your leather jacket well.

  • Ensure that your jacket fits well: If you want to get it right with leather jackets, first ensure that the jacket fits properly.
  • Do not be reluctant to try different types of colors: Leather jackets are available in different colors, and you do not have to stick with the conventional black or brown colors only.
  • Always wear a leather jacket with accompanying accessories: Leather jackets can be a trendy wear but to get the best out of them, you should consider topping up your jacket with the appropriate accessories.
  • Consider breaking your look: When wearing a jacket, you are likely to be tempted to wear just one color. You, however, could break the pairing by toping the look with a white T-shirt or a scarf.

Do Cheap Leather Jackets Suck?

Some people have a problem wearing a cheap leather jacket and argue that they suck. The argument stems from the idea that leather jackets are a reserve of the rich in the society. This, however, is not entirely true. If you do a proper market research, you can find high quality leather jackets that are also affordable to most people.


Did you enjoy my guide on leather jackets above? The review above covers all you need to know about leather jackets, the types of leather, and their benefits and limitations. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you need to identify the best leather jacket and learn how to wear it well. You should always remember that wearing a leather jacket wrongly could end up ruining your style.

If you enjoyed my article and you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and share the article.

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